Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Google I/O 2009 - Best Practices for Architecting GWT App

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

slamo 3likom all
If you live in Egypt, did you see how people so unsatisfied with their state, always angry, worried, most of their problem concentrated on money, I keep wondering why?

Monday, February 05, 2007

Cairo book fair

slamo 3likm

it took me two weeks to find time to get a visit cairo book fair. It is really great fair, millions of books(sure so many of them are junk).the problem it was heavily raining and so cold, and those idiots (the organizers) made me really nervous the rains came through the roof,made the exhibitors cover their books. But I made and and get view books.

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slamo 3likom

It is so amazing how important the internet and how it affect the world and make those who we may think
that they never care about these stuff. I didn't get it why people of Davos economic forum, but then i realized how those people gain money from the internet
watch Davos people talk about Web 2.0

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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

We made it

slamo 3likom

at last it was done regardless the effort we made, the arguing we was in, though the good people and the bad ones too, the JDC was out.

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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

wide horizons

i always like the desert.

juerny to the far south

salmo 3liom

kol sana we intom 6ayben

those people really made me hate to travel to my started by late bus from Cairo to Hurgada it start moving at 1:00 am and it goes fine except for the tight seat and the extreme cold weather that i cant feel my legs. it was fine to watch two movies but one of them was bad choice it was Speed part one (you should watch it to see why!!!!!!!!!!!!).

at last i was in Hurgada at 6:am I think it is a nice city.

to be continued...............................

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Monday, December 25, 2006

I hate tourism

slamo 3likom

if you are in my MSN list you will find that my nick name changed to be "I hate tourism" and really I'm, I want to travel back to my family Aswan but i cant find any tickets on any train, even the travailing

by plain is not available, all this why???, the tourism, those idiots came here to watch some stones and left no thing for the land owner, the take the best in every thing, traveling, services,even treatment from police, we became second class citizens for the sake who are not citizens!!!!!!!!! we 3agabi

see u soon

Saturday, December 02, 2006


Raghu R. Kodali, Jonathan R. Wetherbee, Peter Zadronzy

Publisher: Apress
Pages: 512
Rating: 8

Table of contents:

Introduction to the EJB 3 Architecture

  1. EJB 3 Session Beans
  2. Entities and the Java Persistence API
  3. Advanced Persistence Features
  4. EJB 3 Message-Driven Beans
  5. EJB 3 and Web Services
  6. Integrating Session Beans, Entities, Message-Driven Beans, & Web Services
  7. Transaction Support in EJB 3
  8. EJB 3 Performance and Testing
  9. Migrating EJB 2.x Applications to EJB 3
  10. EJB 3 Deployment
  11. EJB 3 Client Applications
Appendix: Performance: EJB 2 vs EJB 3

Recently i was working on the the book of Raghu R.Kodali,Jonathan Wetheerbee, and Peter Zadrony "Beginning EJB3 application development from novice to professional".
I started with the forword which written by Floyed Marinescu you should read it.
The first chapter as usual begins with introduction to the EJB,History, benefits of EJB3, how this book organized, and who is the expected readers,and how to install the Glassfish application server which the authors recommend to run the examples. The second chapter introduces the session EJB3 it walks with you till you deploy your 1st EJB3 session bean.
Next 3rd chapter "Entities and the JAVA persistence API" start explaining the entity beans and the O/R Mapping, EJB

quarry language you should have a good knowledge about the ORM to take full advantage of this chapter.
The 4th chapter tackle some advanced topics about Persistence Features like inheritance, abstract entities,using native SQL,locking,composite primary key ,and auto generated Primary key.
The next chapter introduces the Message-Driven, beans it turned to be really easy Smiley.
The 6th chapter teach you how to expose your beans as a web service, you can depend on this chapter as an introduction to web services.
Chapter seven gather them all, it integrate all types of beans into a fully sample application, it is an important chapter.
Chapter 8 is all about transaction support in EJB3.
The "EJB3 performance and testing" chapter provide you with ways to measure the performance of your EJB3 components and which options in EJB3 suitable for you.
Chapter ten is dedicated to the legacy EJB3 users it show how to migrate from EJB2.x to the new EJB3.
After you learned how to develop EJB3 components chapter 11 "EJB3 Deployment" gives the "how to" to deploy these components on you application server.
Last chapter provide a client look to the EJB3, it develop complete web application using JSF as a web tier and EJB3 in the back, this chapter is great it makes you see a real results of EJB3.
don't ignore the appendix which compare the performance between EJB2 and EJB3.
As a conclusion this book is very good it really made me love to work with EJB3,it let you see the code not just theories and concepts. Now i can tell you that EJB3 is not a thing to be afraid of,it is easy,light,even fun.
but make sure you are familiar with JAVA 5 new features annotations before you work on this book.